Oscar Augustus Kellen

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(Saturday, August 1 2009)

Oscar is having so much fun playing outside and the weather has been great. I took a trip to Memphis to visit Katie and meet her new baby boy(he is a little doll.) This is the first ...more

(Monday, June 22 2009)

Oh man. I am the worst blogger in bloggity-blog land. So I need to write an update or this page will be deleted. Oscar took his first trip on the airplane and did really well. We went to ...more

(Sunday, April 26 2009)

Ooopsy! I kinda forgot to update the page. Thanks so much to cousin Karen for the cute pictures of our little guy. Oscar is now saying words. Today he said ice, cracker and fan. He calls me ...more

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    Name: - Oscar Augustus Kellen
    Birthdate: - Monday, November 19 2007
    Age: - 10 years, 5 months, 4 days

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Fadir (Wednesday, February 4 2015)

Basic nutrition without fat and sugar is the right way

Beverly (Monday, October 13 2008)

I can''t wait until my child is walking. Oscar is so adorable.

Robin (Monday, October 13 2008)

Oscar is growing up so fast! What a little sweetie you two have. Have fun and enjoy your moments. Love the pictures!

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    Name: - Baby Kellen
    Location: - Ames, Iowa
    Expected: - Wednesday, January 20 2010
    Countdown: - 8 years, 3 months, 3 days